Friday, January 23, 2009


Description of Project
Goal - To undertake a comprehensive and accurate count of the population and collect, compile, analyse and disseminate other critical socio-economic information on all households in Trinidad and Tobago

• Completeness of Count
• Collection of quality data
• Satisfaction of users need
• Comparability of results over time
• Timely dissemination
• Confidentiality and Data Security
• Public Understanding & Acceptance

• Population Count
• Demographic Profile of the population of TT
• Other social & economic information
• Housing Stock and its characteristics
• Sample frame
• Cartographic album
• Information will be disseminated via the www and computer readable magnetic and optical media
• Published Reports

The conduct of the census is divided into 3 phases:
Pre Enumeration Activities, Enumeration and Post Enumeration:

• Pre Enumeration Phase
– Preparation of proposal including budget, census calendar, strategies for enumeration, data processing and dissemination, quality assurance and communication
– Questionnaire design & Tabulation plan
– Procurement
– Recruitment and Training
– Planning the Post Enumeration Survey
– Printing

• Enumeration
– Canvassing of all households

• Post enumeration
– Conduct of the Post Enumeration Survey
– Data Processing
– Data Dissemination

• Census proposal completed and approved by Cabinet
• Accommodation sourced
• Draft questionnaire completed for discussion by Cabinet appointed Committees
• Staff trained in Cardiff Teleform
• UNFPA Support - census management (2), data processing (1), visit by Carlos Ellis-IT Specialist, Regional GIS workshop
• Participation in Regional meetings funded by UNFPA.

Impact Of Census
• Informs policy making and planning
• Provides data on small areas
• Facilitates the estimation of demand for housing and assesses the housing stock
• Provides a frame for sampling
• Improves other statistical products- updating of business register
• Electoral boundary delineation
• Reports on MDGs

• Sourcing quality skills
• Financial constraints
• Safety issue in canvassing crime hot spots
• High ‘No contact’ in elite areas and gated communities
• Timely processing & dissemination
• Outdated GIS Software
• Competing demands on CSO

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