Thursday, April 30, 2009



Section 2 of the census questionnaire deals with Migration. The interviewers will ask the following questions:

- Place of birth
- Address in Trinidad and Tobago
- Length of stay in Trinidad and Tobago for foreign born
- Usual Residence for all persons
- Address 1 year ago, 5 years ago and in 2000 the year of the last census.

Responses to these questions assist in arriving at the count of the population and the distribution of ‘usual residents’ of the population. These responses would indicate:-
- who are usual residents
- where they live now
- where they lived before
- who were born abroad and what is the country of birth.

A main objective of a population census is to provide a reliable count of the population. The count can be based on all persons present in the country or on all usual residents.

This Section of the Census Questionnaire facilitates the count of all usual residents and provides planners and policy makers with the number of usual residents comprising households in particular districts and their demand for services.

The information also informs on internal migration - into which areas households are moving and from where they came- pertinent information for the development of infrastructure and accessibility to goods and services.

The number of persons who were born abroad and the country of birth further describe the composition of the population by nationality.

Comparisons of this information with previous censuses provide useful information on the growth and distribution of the population by small domains for the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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